Fast Truth

Here are the nuggets from Truth:
When you and I speak the Word of God, we are speaking Truth because it’s the Word of God that gives us life. (John 6:63)

In speaking the Word of God, it will produce health to one’s spirit, soul and body.

When speaking truth, it cannot fail, because there is noting that has to be altered or changed about the truth.

It is speaking truth that will cause you and your neighbor to be in a state of peace. Ask yourself this question: Am I being truthful to those around me, or am I withholding it from them, because I am afraid?! Remember, a relationship based on truth will withstand the test regardless of the circumstance.

Lastly, remember that truth is a part of your spiritual armor, and it’s the piece that holds everything together because it’s right in the middle; (God Truth You)—because Truth is a person: the Lord Jesus Christ.

Our ability to deal in truth comes from God!

Continue to Prosper!
Sister Madell


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