Honor’s Reward Conversations

Saturday, October 17. Refreshments: 8:30am | Training: 9:00-11:00am
Final session for the year. We are finishing the book. There will also be a brief conversation on engaging the blog (and a Q&A for “how-to” so bring your questions) in ministry.

June 20
Leadership Training | Book Review: Chapters 7-11

Refreshments: 8:30am | Training: 9:00-11:00am



March 2


Chapter 5 – Authority

Four divisions of delegated authority are civil, church, family and social


1.      How do we resist God’s ordinances and what are the consequences?

2.      Should we submit to and honor ungodly authorities?


Chapter 6 – Harsh Authority

Obedience deals with our actions; willingness deals with our attitude


1.      What happens when we handle unfair treatment correctly by honoring those who are unkind to us?

2.      Give two reasons why we are to submit to harsh authority


Chapter 7 – Honoring Civil Leaders

We withhold his promise to judge righteously by our disobedience to not pray and honor our Leaders.


1.      How does the author suggest that we are to bring truth to our Leaders?


February 10

Chapter 3 – Full Reward

Taking Offense can hinder our full reward


1.      Think of a situation in which you may have been offended, how did you react?

2.      Honor is an essential key to receiving from heaven; share your thoughts.

3.      How does our treatment toward each other honor/dishonor the Father?


Chapter 4 – Little to Do with the Leader

If we honor those who are over us, we receive the reward God gives through their position


1.      What is the difference between honor and worship

2.      What does the Author mean by the comment “We Americans, just don’t get it”?


10 thoughts on “Honor’s Reward Conversations

  1. Greetings Pastor Jaime,
    How awesome to hear that God has given your flock a series based on this wonderful book that really enlightened our leadership class. We very much enjoyed reading about, and activating, the principles of honor. I believe it is a “must read” for everyone without exception. Bosses should be using it at work, teachers using it at school, families using at home, leaders using it to govern . . . imagine everyone using it! Thanks for commenting and may God continue to manifest great and mighty reward to your ministry.

  2. I am Jaime Ramos Bolusan, a professor, facilitator, Guidance Counselor and a senior pastor of the United Methodist Church. I enjoyed reading the book, Honors Reward by John Bevere and in fact, I developed a sermon series and Praise the Lord; many are blessed because of the idea and rewards in honoring those who are above us, our colleagues and even those who are entrusted into our care.

  3. I have been blessed by the reading of our book for the year on Honor. As I was studying the Word last week, I came across 1 Peter 2:11-21, and came to the conclusion that Honor is a command for us as Believers. Therefore, Honor is a part of our Christian makeup, and as we purpose to be more like our example Jesus, it is through Honor that we truly follow in his steps as recorded in these verses.
    Now about our chapters 5-7: I must say that it’s not always easy in the natural to submit to ungodly authority, but I am confident that when you trust God and his Word, he will always cover you when you are obedient to follow his written instruction.
    The two reasons I wish to express about submitting to harsh authority are: 1) We are given clear instruction to submit to authority, and 2) God is the one who has ordained and established authority, therefore we must leave all correction to him.
    One of the most encouraging things that I consistently see mentioned in the letters to the church is speaking the truth in LOVE! Therefore, when we do this, we have fulfilled God’s requirement. I close with this: My duty is to Honor all men, because it’s the Believer’s Duty to be carried out.

  4. Chapter 5 – Authority

    1. How do we resist God’s ordinances and what are the consequences?
    The answer to this question can be found in chapters 1-3; I am being a little lazy here.

    2. Should we submit to and honor ungodly authorities?
    Yes. Romans 13:1-2 states that “For there is no authority except from God”. This statement makes no distinction between the Godly and the Ungodly.

    Chapter 6 – Harsh Authority

    1. What happens when we handle unfair treatment correctly by honoring those who are unkind to us?
    Our flesh will feel slighted because it understands justice, it wants revenge. Our spirit will feel refresh for it understands persecution, it is revenged.

    2. Give two reasons why we are to submit to harsh authority
    1. All authority originate from God; harsh and gentle.
    2. I Peter 2:18 COMMANDS US TO DO SO

    Chapter 7 – Honoring Civil Leaders

    1. How does the author suggest that we are to bring truth to our Leaders?
    We bring truth to our Leaders in love and compassion of Jesus Christ and in the fear of the Lord

  5. Chapter 5 – Authority

    1. How do we resist God’s ordinances and what are the consequences? We resist when we do not honor those in authority whether they be good or evil. The consequences are a loss (full to partial) of our reward for keeping God’s ordinances.

    2. Should we submit to and honor ungodly authorities? The authority to which we submit is from God; therefore, yes. The vessel in which the God-given authority resides may indeed not be Godly, but we are not called to submit to the person, but to the authority God has invested in the office the person holds. The highest example of this is, of course, when Jesus submits to Pilot explaining that Pilot’s authority comes from God. Jesus never said anything about Pilot’s behavior.

    Chapter 6 – Harsh Authority

    1. What happens when we handle unfair treatment correctly by honoring those who are unkind to us? You get a full reward, and have also an ideal opportunity to potentially win some for the Lord. People do notice when a typical response is not your response. It may be typical to give bad for bad, but when we return good for bad, it may seem like a minor drop of good in a sea of bad, but eventually one drop of good will tip the balance. You also maintain the peace of God when you respond with honor, no matter the provocation because your focus is God-centered and you are most interested in pleasing God.

    2. Give two reasons why we are to submit to harsh authority. Because God said so, and when we do, our light continues to shine.

    Chapter 7 – Honoring Civil Leaders

    1. We withhold his promise to judge righteously by our disobedience to not pray and honor our Leaders. So true! Perhaps we do not recognize the power of our decision-making granted to us with dominion. We can, for all intents and purposes, stop God from carrying out His role as our vindicator if we withhold prayers for, and honor to, our leaders. Moreover, it is in our own most noble interests to pray for our leaders since they may not improve without the power of intercessory prayer from a Believer with a clean heart. Our right believing and right living adds “salt” to the covenant of our prayers.

  6. What happens when we handle unfair treatment correctly by honoring those who are unkind to us?

    The first two verses of Proverbs 15 state: “A soft answer turns away wrath, But a harsh word stirs up anger. The tongue of the wise uses knowledge rightly, But the mouth of fools pours forth foolishness.” Continuing on in Proverbs 25:21-22, we read: “If your enemy is hungry, give him bread to eat; And if he is thirsty, give him water to drink; For so you will heap coals of fire on his head, And the LORD will reward you.”

    Proverbs is indeed the Book of Godly Wisdom! When we allow the word of God to be our counsel, we walk in peace and love. Christ said trials and tributions would be in the world, but we can certainly minimize their impact and perhaps even, by our proper response, cause someone to inquire about our calm in the midst of the storm. We can then say our Captain is Jesus Christ and He has shown us how to navigate any storm from the lightest rain to the most ferocious winds . . . and still come out on top.

  7. Chapter 3 – I actually did take offense but, God bought his words back to me from James 1:19 “Understand [this], my beloved brethren. Let every man be quick to hear [a ready listener], slow to speak, slow to take offense and to get angry.” So I called the individual and apologized for taking offense with what they had said to me. It is important that we show honor to everyone. When Jesus walked the earth it was as a man and everything he did was to honor his Father. As we do things to honor others it will also honor our Father. We should look at everything we do as doing it for the Father not for gain or recognition.

    Chapter 4 – Webster’s dictionary gives the following definitions: Worship: Reverent love and respect for a deity or sacred object. – This is reserved for my Father God only!!!

    Honor: Esteem, respect. A token or gesture of respect or distinction. – Everyone is to be respected.

    I think he meant that Americans don’t hunger for God as some of the less fortunate countries. They also don’t put God first in their lives. Americans take God for granted, they tend to rely on themselves or their jobs and when things don’t go right they are lost.

  8. Good Day, brothers and sisters in Christ, the greater one.
    Please consider the following:

    Chapter 3: Offense
    I am learning in life that all offense (intentional or un-intentional) is added pressure to separate us from God’s Kingdom, his way of doing things, his way of being right. We have to be very careful how we respond to offense so that it does not become a blocker to receiving from God and growing spiritually. I personally respond to all offense the same; how will I honor God in this situation.

    Chapter 4: Worship / Honor
    I see Honor as an act of receiving from God, we honor by receiving those that God has placed in civil, social, domestic and church leadership.
    I see worship as an act of giving to God; we worship by giving of our talents, our time and our obedience to the word of God.

  9. Greetings to all our leaders at ICNHM,
    I wish to share briefly from chapter 3 question #3. When we are obedient to the Word of God regarding our treatment toward others it reveals our true commitment of honoring God. You cannot honor God apart from honoring others, and when we fail to honor others according to the Word of God we dishonor our Father.

    Chapter 4: questions 1 and 2. Worship is that which is rightly due unto Our Father God and The Lord Jesus Christ, while honor is something we are required to give to those for whom it is due, honor is a required action or a part of that which Our Father has given to us to carry out as children belonging to the same family, having been taught the rules that govern the family of God.

    It’s true we here in Amercia don’t seem to understand the value that God has placed on and within the man or woman of God, therefore we take them and their ministry assignment for granted, and when that happens we end of losing out on receving God’s best for our lives.

  10. Chapter 3 – Offense:
    (1) I held the line, but just barely. In retrospect, I needed to dig a little deeper and hit that vein of joy and respond from that spring. The good thing is, there are so many opportunities to practice. (2) Bless God it’s not the only key. But knowing that it is an essential key heightens my desire to use it and unlock the vast potential behind it for God’s glory. (3) We are all His image. Imagine the image He sees when we dishonor Him through our actions to another He has created! Brings new meaning to “But where sin abounded, grace abounded much more,” for me.

    Chapter 3 – Honor:
    (1) Honor is to show respect, even care and concern which can be- really should be- given to all; whereas worship is to recognize the sovernity and absolute holiness of God and express it to Him. (2) It’s how the term “ugly Americans” came into and stays in vogue. Had we stayed a colony and lived under the rule of a king, we would naturally have a different perspective on authority. I realized that a segment of America had no honor when President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, then, in 1968, Dr. King and Sen. Kennedy; the ramifications rolled down the decades to Enron and the recent stock market crash (in which I don’t participate). It may be particularly ironic for a country founded on honor to have run so dry. But then, because our God lives, His hope springs eternal!

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