Singles Ministry (S3)

The 2012-Championship Breakfast

Thanks to everyone who came out for the fellowship; we had a great time! The S3 Singles Ministry and the Highways and Byways Ministry enjoyed a wonderful 20-12 Champion Breakfast at Cracker Barrel Restaurant (June 2). We discussed community outreach and being a winner every day of your life. Both ministries are welcoming new members. For more information, please contact Sister Terry Robinson-Thomas or Minister Annette Powell.


Upcoming Fellowship:

September 15Morning’s at The Market are for shopping and fellowshipping!

December  > Bringing Christmas Back Downtown Campaign gives us an opportunity to volunteer in our town to help a family have coats/mittens for winter. Thanks for joining us in this heart-and-body-warming work!

The After-Blast S3 News: Rip-Roaring Fun at the RazorSharks Game (tip-off at 2:05PM at the Blue Cross Arena). Did you see our pics on Facebook of the RazorSharks Game? We were able to pass out over 50 tickets allowing for families to bring their children. It was fun. Thank you In Christ for supporting us with your purchase of 20 tickets.

For more information: Connect with Sister Terry Robinson-Thomas at (585) 424-1723 or Minister Annette Powell at (585) 351-8916.

Belhurst CastleThe S3 Singles Ministry returned to the classic and lovely Belhurst Castle for its 2012 Valentine’s Day gathering. There was fun, food, and fellowship!


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