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Sure, you’ve read our 2013 Foundation Scriptures and the confessions.

But did you know that Minister John took the time to write out each Scripture reference? Thanks to his labor of love, you can enrich your daily confession. Study the Scriptures.

Watch Minister John’s Friends and Family Day (April 29, 2012) teaching on Kingdom Wealth.

Read Minister John’s comment on Leadership.

Listen to a highlight of our 8AM December 6 and 11AM May 30 services preached by Minister John.  For more information, view Minister John’s blog as well.

And the Lord said:

God is looking for His people to approach Him in prayer in the same manner or type that He established in the OT Tabernacle. The Tabernacle is a pattern or model of what God expects from us. He wants us to approach Him in prayer in two ways.

Now listen carefully and let me explain. The Tabernacle was divided into parts. There was the Outer Court, the Holy Place, and the Holy of Holies. The ultimate was to enter the Holy of Holies where the Ark of the Covenant with the Mercy Seat and the Shekinah Glory of God dwelt. To enter into The Holy of Holies you had to pass through the Holy Place first. In the Holy place there were 3 pieces of furniture. There was the Candlestick on one side, also more appropriately called the Lamp-stand, since its fuel was not made with a man-made wick, rather it was fueled by oil. Oil is always symbolic of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost anointing. There was also the Table of Shew Bread on the other side, also called the Table of Show Bread. The other piece of furniture was the Altar of Incense, where incense was burned to be a sweet savor unto God. The smoke represents the prayers offered up onto God as a sweet savor.

Now get this . . . God is not looking for us to come to Him stating all our problems, trials, hardships, or woes, rather the Lamp-stand and the Table of Shew Bread reveal how He desires us to pray. See on the Table of Shew Bread were 12 loaves of bread that were permeated with the presence of the Lord. The Bible or Word is our Bread. Jesus is the Bread of Life. Jesus is permeated in the Word, because actually He is the Word. What God is looking for from us is to present the Permeated/Anointed Word unto the Father, to Shew or Show Him the Word. If I can say it differently, He wants us to pray to the Father by declaring what the Word says about us, what the Word says about our situations, what the Word says about our health, finances, scenarios, etc., . . . NOT come to Him talking about the problems, since the Word has our solutions.

The other way God wants us to pray, based on the Lamp-stand, is to pray in the Spirit, especially in our Heavenly Language or tongues. Tap into the Oil or Anointing of the Holy Spirit. Too often we don’t know what to pray or we don’t see the whole picture . . . and, face it, we will never be as smart as the Holy Spirit, therefore if we pray in our Heavenly Language or Tongues, it allows the Spirit to pray in a way that gets things done as He intercedes though us; a whole lot better and more efficiently than if we were just praying according to what we see.

So when we pray (the Altar of Incense) and offer up our sweet savor (prayers) unto God, what He is really looking for is a mix of the Bread (Word – Bible -Scriptures) with His Spirit, Oil that illuminates (anointed prayer and tongues). We don’t approach Him with the dead letter of the Word as the Pharisees did, rather we approach Him with Living Word which is illuminated from His Spirit. Pray, say, and declare the Word to the Father. Pray in our language in the Anointing. Especially, pray in our Heavenly language or Tongues. This is what He is asking us to do.

Praise Him! Praise the Lord!


One thought on “Minister John

  1. Minister John,
    I thank God for you, always. Today is no exception. The word that came forth from the Lord today through you was immaculate! I enjoyed the distinction between facts and truth and how the Bible shows us them in operation. Your examples of David at the brook; Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-Nego before Nebuchadnezzar — and even more awesome, in the fiery furnace; and Peter and John with the lame man show the difference between reading and receiving revelation. You are the Outstanding Vessel!

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