Minister Madell H.

2013 Thanksgiving Teaching

(Wednesday, November 28)
The noonday Bible Class topic was “The Power of Thanksgiving” under the scripture 1 Thessalonians 5:18 which says: “In every thing give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” According to this verse of scripture, it is the plan of God for those who are in Christ Jesus to live a lifestyle of giving thanks! You might ask, what is Thanksgiving? It is having an attitude of gratitude, it is expressing thankfulness to the giver for what has been done; and for those who are in Christ, we should be giving Thanks for the finished work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Lastly there is power in Thanksgiving and Jesus revealed the secret of how you and I can have victory: when we release our Thanksgiving! For more about this teaching join me in an upcoming time of sharing! [Be sure to review the November fast scriptures that will lead you into a spirit of joyous thanksgiving.]

Built on a Firm Foundation Through The Word, Guided by The Spirit

2011 has been A Year of Transition for the family of In Christ. We’ve moved from having one building to having two and God has been faithful to fulfill His plan to bring us into this new place for His Glory (say “His Glory!”). We have gained five more laborers to assist in the work of the Ministry: two elders and three ministers. We have gained 35 brothers and sisters (new members). 19 spirits (people) have been born again (received the life of God) and 19 spirits (people) have been empowered with the Teacher of the Church who is The Holy Spirit!! We have increased as a family; let us enjoy the opportunity to become more united and committed to carry out the assignment given to us at In Christ New Hope Ministry.

A Word from God about 2012 (see Colossians 1:27 for “Christ in you, the Hope of Glory!)

While the world system is still working toward finding a workable plan, I have already established a plan! 2012: The Year of Increase/Abundance for those who access the plan of Christ in you: The Hope of Glory! The empowering presence of the Holy Spirit’s ability to bring you into abundance, increasing! This will happen when you have a confident expectation of fulfillment in God! We have been given the gift of Christ! John 3:16 reveals the gift of Christ. Now it’s time that we (you and I) allow the gift of Christ to be activated in us. To activate the plan is to allow Christ in You, the Hope of Glory!, to be released! When your confident expectation of fulfillment in God is releasing the burden-removing, yoke-destroying ability of God, things will change. Every situation, challenge, uncertainty (not knowing how things may end) … turn and look at it as an opportunity for the confident expectation of fulfillment in God to bring victory in every encounter you face! (Morning Prayer, December 28, 2011)

2010 Is the Year of our Lord! Let’s proclaim Him! Christ in you, the Hope of Glory! Activate to cause action, for change to erupt; and embrace it now in operation. Here’s why Christ has to be in you: He is the hidden ability (dominate force) that should be in operation to remove and destroy every negative attack or influence that comes your way.

From her message on “Jesus, The Inescapable Position Person” concluded July 2011, Minister Madell points out that “God is quite at home” in us who are washed by the blood of the Lamb and demonstrating His quality of character.

The chief Scriptures for this remarkable Bible Study series are: Isaiah 28:16 wherein the prophet proclaims the precious Cornerstone and 1 Peter 2:6-8 wherein the Apostle cites the fulfillment of the prophesy and discusses the three types of builders: wise, unwise and foolish. Other Scriptures included 1 Corinthians 3:16, 5:1 and 6:19; Ephesians 2:20-22 which also happens to be one of our 2011 Foundation Scriptures; Hebrews 3:36 (MSG), and 1 Peter 2:5.

Minister Madell defines “fellowship” in her recent teaching. Are you fully persuaded?

And the Lord said:

Peace be unto You! I was asked to share briefly from today’s morning 6am intercessory prayer. I was led to St. John 15:1-8; which happens to be a very familiar passage of scripture for those of us who are s part of In Christ, but today as I meditated on these verses, the Holy Spirit shared with me this revelation.

Just like a natural farmer uses material to produce a harvest so the Father God has chosen to use Jesus as the source, the material, the substance. God is the caretaker, just like the farmer who takes care of his various crops; therefore, God is responsible for taking care of us.

But we are responsible for making sure that we continue to remain in fellowship with Him; we are given the right to choose if we will remain in the vine as a branch and be a productive one or not. And it’s through our fellowship that we do so. Why? For the purpose of Him our Caretaker to be Glorified!

February 20, 2010
For several weeks I have been looking at the 2010 Word of Prophecy that I shared at the New Year’s Eve Service. I would like to share it openly with the Body of Christ at this time, because I am convinced that it will serve as a reminder of the Father’s desire for his children.

“2010 Will be a Glorious Year for the Believer In Christ Jesus!”
Victory upon victory is the future of the Church, individually and collectively. For many of you this will have to be a turning-point, a moving from where you are right-now; a shifting in the places, people and things you’ve been accustom to and comfortable with.

The first order for many of you is forgetting and letting go of the past, which has served as a hinderance and a trap to your succeeding and moving forward. Some ask “how do I let go of the past when it’s the image or thoughts that I have constantly?”

Solution. You must: desire a new image/ thought life, and it comes when you begin to and continue to look into the perfect law of liberty (here is the place it all starts) The BIBLE! From here you will begin to develop a new revealed truth of:
1. Who you are/ a child of God
2. What you are/ the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus
3. Where you are/ seated in heavenly places in Christ
4. What you can do/ you can do all things through Christ who strengthens you.

This new image starts on the inside of you in your spirit; as you continue to look into the perfect law of liberty, the Word of God, the new image will begin to be seen  outwardly. You must let go of past failures, hurts, disappointments, relationships. Forget the past; embrace your future! Begin to proclaim good news to others and when you do, good news will come to you!

Scripture references: Philippians 3:13, Galatians 6:7, James 1:25


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