How To Have The Mind of Christ

Be Imitators! Let this drop in your spirit:
“Whatever God says I am, I am.” This is the path to victory that avoids four hindrances:

  1. Ignorance of the Word of God
  2. Failure to renew your mind with the Word of God
  3. Impatience
  4. Failure to cast down imaginations

In Ephesians, the apostle John counsels us to be imitators of God. This brings us unerringly into the Word of God to discern Him and His plan for our life. By delving into the Word, you will develop an intimate relationship with Christ and understand that the Word of God reveals the mind of Christ.

Discipline yourself to spend time in the Word with the guidance of the Holy Spirit to safeguard the renewal of your mind. Because it won’t happen overnight (your existing patterns developed over many years!), patience and practice are required to consistently walk in God’s principles. This series will help you develop a confident, victorious walk with God and set the stage for His rewards.

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