The Helper We All Need: The Person of the Holy Spirit

Who has characterized The Holy Spirit? Through the ages, we’ve seen the work of artists who have pictured God The Father and God The Son, but why not God The Holy Spirit?

Before reading on, play the video below to learn what God said to Pastor Breedlove about addressing the Spirit of God.

The early term “Holy Ghost,” referencing an invisible nature, simply gave artists nothing to work with. In this series, we’re going to allow the Bible to “paint a picture,” using these five colors:

  1. The Person of The Holy Spirit
  2. Personal Treatment
  3. Divine Qualities
  4. Terms and Misconceptions
  5. Baptisms – How Many Are There?

On any picture, the first color is the one that sets your direction. Let’s consider Genesis 1:26 which reads: “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness…” As we have personhood and personal characteristics, so must the Godhead, all three of them equally.

Man’s treatment of The Person of The Holy Spirit has not always been proper. He has been grieved, resisted, lied to, and blasphemed. Even so, He’s at your side! His well-known qualities are teacher, revealer, and comforter; but He is also omnipresent and omniscient. He bears witness, sanctifies, and commands!

Some people are confused by the “born,” “filled,” and “gifts” terms; and have misconceptions about “the new birth” caused by The Person of The Holy Spirit. Your Bible tells the truth in both cases, and clarifies the three baptisms.

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4 thoughts on “The Helper We All Need: The Person of the Holy Spirit

  1. Dear Ebenezer, we will be honored to pray for you and with you. If you would like a member of the Elder / Minister Team to pray directly with you, please call us at (585) 334-8730. I pray that you find rest in knowing that it is not unusual for the family to reside under one roof during these challenging times with the economy. When you can, purchase and cook a meal for the family with the understanding that your situation is temporal, it will change. Hold fast to your faith and let the joy of the Lord be your strength. Now unto him that is able to do all things, stay encouraged.

  2. Greetings in Jesus name Amen. Pls i’ve been facing difficuties in my life over the years, im thirty four years old. Im still leaving with; fed by my parents. I’ve try all i could to see how my life could be better, i have eqully prayed & fast yet northing is/has happened. But i believe that one day, somehow God will remember me as we enter the month of december. Pls i need ur prayer. Thank you and God bless you.

  3. Hello Tadesse,
    You can be filled right now by Praying the Prayer to Receive the Holy Spirit. Please come visit us at In Christ New Hope Ministry (155 Pinnacle Road) in Henietta NY near Tim Horton’s if you are local. If you live out-of-state, please find a “word of faith” ministry to join where you can be guided by the Holy Spirit.
    Stay in Faith!

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