The Anointing that heals.

Our God is an Awesome God! I had been going through a challenge with severe pain in the upper left side of my chest for about 2 weeks. The manifestation was so great that if I moved quickly I would cry out in pain. I was not able to take deep breaths, movement without holding the site was difficult as a result of the pain, and my husband was urging me to go to the doctor. At the onset, I began to speak the word over my body and declare audibly my healing and took authority over the thoughts since the area was sensitive to the touch as well as the mental attacks (fiery darts of suggestions from the enemy) that were constantly trying to bombard me.

“I got single-minded and began a consistent, steady, diet of Word-only prayer; meaning my prayer was scripture only.” Reminding God of what He said in His word, I began with healing scriptures like: Father in Isaiah 53: 4, you said surely Jesus bore my sickness and weakness and carried my pain and with His stripes I am healed and made whole. In Psalm 107:20 Father You said in Your Word that You sent Your Word and healed them, so I thank You that by and through Your Word I am healed in Jesus name. 2 Corinthians 4:10 I thank You, Father that the life of Jesus is manifested in my flesh and heals me.

From healing scripture to marriage confessions, provision, protection, victory and guidance … my prayers have been all Word confessions out of my mouth, not just reading them, saying them out loud.

On the third Sunday, February 11, 2007, I was standing in church and Pastor Breedlove gave his usual altar call and he asked for special needs; the Holy Spirit said go. Well of course, I wanted to reason with Him, saying I’ve been praying and standing and before I could complete the statement, the Holy Spirit said in a loud stern voice… Go Now. I immediately got out of my seat and went (John 10:3; The Lord knows me by name and I hear and know His voice). I told Pastor what the situation was and he began to pray, he heard a Word from the Holy Spirit that said change hands the anointing is in your other hand, and he obeyed as well. Immediately I felt a burning sensation going up my back, neck and head, like a prickly burning sensation and the pain was completely gone. I flexed, moved around, took deep breaths and the pain is completely gone, I am healed in Jesus mighty name.

–Sister Patricia Stovall James


6 thoughts on “The Anointing that heals.

  1. this was an awesome testimony. I love how you went against the illness by speaking the word of God over your body, and filling your belly with the bread of life in a constant feast. I love the title too: “The Anointing that heals”—hallelujah.

    for anyone who is struggling with illness at this time, I would like to suggest another weapon for our arsenal against sickness: worship music that sings high praises to our Lord. Leave it playing all of the time, and turn down the volume when you are involved in other things—but at least leave it playing softly in the background 24/7. beautiful high praise and worship music is a source of constant irritation for the powers of darkness.

  2. Blessings and Harmony be multiplied unto you and yours, Dave. Surely God’s divine will is already guiding you.

    The leadership at In Christ agrees with you for blessings and breakthrough. With your whole spirit, soul and body, believe in Christ Jesus; mediate on the Scriptures that speak directly to your need, and the Holy Spirit who always hovers over God’s word to perform it will release the anointing that heals.

    Walk by faith and not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7); remember that all things are possible to him who believes (Matthew 19:24-26), and consider only the truth of God (Philippians 4:8). Know that God wants to do you good all the days of your life, most especially today since you have specifically reached out for Him.

    If you are local, please come for Bible Study on Wednesday at Noon or 7PM and worship service on Sunday at 8AM or 11AM. You are welcome at all times to come and share your testimony.
    Elder J. K.

  3. I have read some passage in your website and would like to be partaker of the testmonies of the works of the Holy spirit in your ministry,
    i would like you to kindly pray for me and my family for God’s devine healing as this is our last hope and option. thank you. names to pray for are: David, Phumzile and Izoduwa.

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