The faithfulness of God.

I was “dead-set” against buying a house in Rochester, the place of my premature birth and temporary residence. Even enjoying the homes of friends, I would not budge. Then, in the latter half of 2005, God placed in my spirit that I would be in a better position to move if I had a house to sell—and I immediately agreed with Him. As it turns out, I looked at two houses. The first was about 4,000 square feet. “God, this house?” I asked several times while reading the listing of features. In answer, I was filled with an immense peace. Obeying to the Spirit, I asked for an appointment to see the house and was given an immediate tour. Each room was better than the next, and I was overcome with awe to know that that is how God saw me. I was not afraid of the asking price, and I had no trouble locating a mortgage; finding one I considered affordable, now that was a different story. I grew dismayed that I didn’t seem to be getting the house even while I knew without doubt that the Holy Spirit led me to that house.

I asked God to explain. He wanted to show me that He had been listening to me my entire life. All the things I said, as a second grader, a fifth grader, a college grad, a post-grad, right up to a few months before He uncovered this house; He heard it all and declared I would have it in the house He was providing.

This reminds me of the scripture: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosea 4:6). After I knew why God led me to the house, rather than my self-centered assumption, I relaxed. I could, in fact, rest in Him and affirm Him. When I yielded my thoughts, He moved. The Holy Spirit woke me up one night and commanded me to pray. I obeyed immediately, getting up and striding across my prayer rug. Within seconds, a prayer came out of my mouth straight from the Holy Spirit. I know when He prays through my spirit because the prayer bypasses my mind entirely; I simply hear the Words come out of my mouth. The prayer’s direction is not only unfailingly toward God but all about God (not me). When the prayer finished, I was looking out the window and distinctly recognized a shift in the atmosphere; both inside and outside. I knew God had just moved! I was filled with elation and confidence. The essence of the prayer was that God had given me a house and that I had to take possession of it as a house of prayer to His glory.

This second house is more amazing than the first because God’s plan for my life unfolds even more right here. Only walking in agreement with God is more exciting than that knowledge. God has spoken (safety and security, sure victory) into my eternal life which began when I accepted Jesus as my savior and redeemer and confessed that God raised Jesus from the dead. Thank You, God! Thank You, thank You, thank You, Oh God! This house has everything, in one shape, size, color, or manifestation that existed in what will always be the “I AM listening” house.

Talking about the closing progress, I asked Pastor Breedlove to pray for the process. Actually, I meant,’ when you pray tonight,’ but Pastor immediately launched into prayer — this was so much better since we could agree in prayer. I used another principle from our lesson on prayer: “let every thought and deed say YES! to the fact that you have what you asked of God.” I would drive by the house often and say to God, behold, I will be turning in here shortly and be home in the house You have given me to possess to Your glory.

I’ve been here 38 days [at the time of the original posting] and God is still showing me that something I wanted is right here. It is, like all of God’s gifts, perfect because it increases my knowledge of Him. One friend is amazed that I am still thanking God for the house (and likewise for: last year’s raise, the 2-year-old-car, and my gem of a boss of 3-years). Every time I drop something down the clothes shoot I say, fervently, “Thank You, God, for listening.” Why be amazed? King David recounted his past victories to stay in an attitude of gratitude. God commands us to “Enter into His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with praise: be thankful unto Him, and bless His name” (Psalm 100:4). Yes indeed , God was a faithful listener through all my years, long before I focused on Him or a house. He did it for me and He’ll do it for you; whatever the desires of your heart that glorify Him. Honor and blessing, power and wisdom, glory and riches to the Lamb Who sits upon the throne; He rules and reigns forever.

–Sister J. K. Langkans


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