Ministry work engages the spirit, soul and body in acting upon the command of Christ to spread the good news. Our Lord said that every joint would supply what is needed and this section of our blog offers you not only an invitation to take part in ministry, but to communicate those good works that edify the body for growth and spiritual development.

You will find a complete list of our ministries on our website. While you’re here, please visit the ministries’ with online material by clicking their names below:
Children & Youth | Jail Ministry | Judah | Marriage Enrichment Fellowship | Music and Arts | S3 (Singles) | Daughters of Virtue and Excellence. A new ministry for young people ages 19-31 named CAYA (which stands for “Come As Your Are”) launches September 15. They will hold service every third Sunday in Building 1. See Minister Madell A. Breedlove for more information.

We encourage you to contact the ministry leader to learn more about any plans that line up with the way you most enjoy serving the Lord.

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