God’s goodness.

John and Hope Randolph will be married 22 years on August 15, 2009. This is an amazing feat when you consider how frequent divorce is in today’s society. Divorce does not seem to run in Hope’s family. Hope grew up in church and developed a relationship with Jesus at an early age. Her Dad and Mom have been in the ministry 40 years mostly pastoring churches.

On the other hand, John’s family tree looks more like a field of strawberry bushes rather than a normal tree. His own father divorced his fourth wife at age 32, and is currently married to his fifth wife. John developed a relationship with drinking, smoking, partying and self-indulgence. In fact John had over 100 blackouts from excessive drinking before he had even reached the legal drinking age. At age 19, John began to realize that all his running around and partying seemed to leave a vast emptiness in his heart, and even when surrounded by crowds of people he would often feel alone.

In April 1984, John was invited to the church where Hope’s Dad was the pastor. There the people praised God and were real about their Jesus and that is where John met Hope.

A couple weeks later John asked Jesus to come into his heart and he openly confessed Jesus as “His Savior.” Jesus filled the void John was experiencing.

Although from very different backgrounds, God miraculously put Hope and John together, and then sealed them in marriage on August 15, 1987. Today they have two children, 14-year-old Amanda and 15-year-old Joshua. At In Christ New Hope Ministry, John and Hope serve the Lord on the Praise and Worship Team and in the Children’s Ministry. Amanda is involved with the Flag Ministry and Joshua with the overhead machine where he puts up the transparencies for Worship.

In Joshua 24:15 it reads, “As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.”

— John and Hope Randolph


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