Judah (Youth) Ministry

Raise your praise with Judah during our early evening youth service at 7PM every fourth Friday. Enjoy the photos above from Judah’s Youth Honorary Awards Banquet, and visit our Facebook page for photos from our Youth Retreat and the latest buzz; just two more expressions of the love of God that empowers our youth.

Don’t miss the comments on the Youth Retreat

Youth Day 2010 | Listen in as Minister Tori Matthews-Roberson humbly breaks open the Word with a message to parents about the power of Christ in youth during our June 13 Sunday service at 8AM, and to Minister Madell A. Breedlove who creatively and joyfully speaks to all ages in general and to her generation in particular about what’s in you at the 11AM service.

Minister Tori | Listen in | Eph. 4:16, Job 32:4-10 | Minister Madell (coming soon)

Special Events throughout 2010

June 25 | Awards Dinner
September 24 | Back to School Bash
October 22 | Praise Night
November 26 | Praise Night
December 16-17 | Youth Retreat


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