Acknowledging the Person of The Holy Spirit.

All Aboard!! The primary role of the Holy Spirit is to bear witness of Jesus Christ so, as I decrease and He increases, He will be glorified. The whole teaching on the Holy Spirit [underway at our church recently] has truly blessed my new walk with Christ. I have been saved for 14 years and while sitting in Bible Study one Wednesday night the revelation of two facts about the Holy Spirit became clear to me. The first being the difference between the indwelling of the Holy Spirit and the filling of the Holy Spirit. The second being, seeing the Holy Spirit as a living spirit being. I only viewed the Holy Spirit as a holy force, or a holy power.

Understanding that unconfessed sin separates my fellowship with God, I had to go back and repent for not acknowledging the Holy Spirit as a living spirit being. After leaving church that night I needed to know more so I started to petition the Holy Spirit to show me how to take what I now understand and help me to get on board. The Holy Spirit gave it to me in the parts of a train. The first part, He said, is the engine/locomotive that pulls the train — the train can not operate without an engine — and in this parable, the engine is the Word of God. Then He gave me the cable cars that carry all the materials from one point to another … that is, my faith, healing, prosperity, unity, joy, and peace of mind. Then He gave me the caboose that is the tail end of the train and here holds my feelings, emotions, and my will.

He said that “if my feelings are lining up with the first two parts of the train, then I will stay on track; but if the train is being pulled by the caboose, then I will be all over the track.”

He said, “I am the conductor who calls and puts the people on the train, the engineer is [our] Pastor Breedlove who is responsible for making sure the engine is serviced and taken care of so that the train can run correctly under the instruction of the conductor.” So the train at In Christ New Hope Ministry, Inc. is on track and pulling full speed ahead, so my challenge to all of you is to get on board, and stay on board.

Also, I want to take this opportunity to thank the Holy Spirit, my revealer, my teacher, my guide, and my friend for accepting my apology for not knowing to acknowledge Him for who He is.

To God Be The Glory.

— Sister Libby


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