Victory Videos

Bridal Dress Contest | We had so much fun fellowship with Lisa and her friends and family. Take a look:

Inspiring video! Take a look; it will bless you with a sense of gratefulness:

Do you believe God? He who opens and closes the windows of Heaven wants to bless you all the days of your life … if you’ll trust Him to do so.

What does the Bible ask us to do to become saved? Should we confess our sins or should we start a different conversation? Watch the video for God’s perfect instruction.

The comfort of the Lord Jesus Christ is found in praise and worship.

Rescue, by Newsong. Awesome!

Are you a fan, or a follower (as in Luke 9:23), of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Stephen Covey identifies five metastasizing emotional cancers. While he doesn’t say it out-right but does call them out as (negative) spirits; you will know the source by its fruit. Indeed, he makes the case for why God alone is our shield and how much we need Him with us–always. Never leave home without having your hand firmly in the hand of the Master, Jesus Christ.

Tribal Leadership: When you come to Stage 4, the “triad” group and the rewards in Stage 5, you may ask yourself: “God, could you make it any plainer than that?” As Pastor Breedlove says: “You’d have to find someone and pay them overtime to miss it.”

Never stop dreaming; for someday, people will thank God for you just as they did for Joseph.

Your victory is reserved for you. Call on the Name that has power in Heaven, in the Earth, and under the Earth!

Thanks for viewing our YouTube channel which brings the Word of God to the nations through social media ministry. We invite you to share in the joy of God’s love. Watch our favorite. You can also watch the inaugural “In Christ Car-Cam Construction” video and keep up with the building progress.

A sampling of very eye-opening, passionate videos emphasizing the sovereignty of God and the grace of His love for us which brings salvation. You can also listen to stirring Podcasts and videos on Jentezen Franklin’s website.

Glory to Your Name
Any time is a good time to give God glory. He is good to all generations and merciful to those who call on His Name. Song by Byron Cage.

Why We Forgive – Forgiveness
An inspired look into the purpose of and eternal and immediate blessing of forgiveness.

Tell Me Why – Declan Galbraith
“Laughter is the language of the world,” he sings. Isn’t that just sensational! Pray for it.

Now is The Time For Revival, Wake Up The Church
You’ve heard it asked: “Are you rapture-ready”? Take a look at this eye-opening video that might ask: Are you ready for revival? Cry out in your church on Sunday: Come Holy Spirit of God; Awaken Us!  Don’t be content to be asleep.

The Hand That Steadies The Plate
Sometimes we struggle in complexity and miss the obvious opportunity, when truly the Lord makes it easy to help people.

A Man Fell in a Hole (courtesy of Bluefish TV via
– I enjoy the way it expresses the uniqueness of Salvation through Jesus Christ. What do you think about it?

Love Never Fails
Our thanks to Elder Regina for sharing this rich depiction of how God covers and defends us through His redemptive will! Watch it all the way through before you form any opinions about the decisions and actions being represented; the outcome is the absolute triumph of love expressed by Corinthians 13:4-8.

Two Voices: The Crowd or The Cross –

God’s Chisel – Tommy Woodard and Eddie James

Jesus Christ is Everything – Paul Washer

Ten Shekels and a Shirt – Paris Reidhead


2 thoughts on “Victory Videos

  1. Morning Blessings Shawnice,
    This is very touching. His love is Forever, the strongest bond; truly, He never fails us. In Morning Prayer, we explored the need to love one another to honor the Father by praying for one another. His love is that “good report” that has to go out from us to truly welcome people into the church “as Jesus welcomed us, by this we glorify God.”
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. This a great video about the Father’s love. My favorite verse in the song, The Prodigal, is:

    You held out Your arms, I see them still
    You never left, You never will
    Running to embrace me, now I know
    Your cords of love will always hold

    I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

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